Who is wwe diva maryse dating

The fact Miz won his fifth IC Title was weird enough, but adding Maryse back in made it weirder.There were rumors in late 2014 of Maryse coming back to WWE, but they were never fully confirmed, and it was mostly forgotten about.

Obviously, she no longer will, or it would sort of be dumb.

Here are some highlights of what Maryse said about: Being a Sexy Diva in Today's "PG" Environment: "We do wear revealing outfits but it's not like wearing a g-string like in the past.

Kanellis for the April 2008 cover of Playboy magazine., the newly-crowned WWE Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder would lose his championship to The Miz.

First, she wants to be around her husband more of course.

We don’t know why, and we’re still trying to figure that one out.