Who is tenitra michelle williams dating

She has a great body of work, an amazing catalogue …I love her work," Williams told The Insider."Could you imagine your little sister or someone finally deciding, 'I am going to be free and liberated in every way I know how musically, which means I'm going to be a little more sexier.Williams, the 33-year-old singer formerly of Destiny's Child, was featured in the song "Superpower" for Beyonce's self titled album.However, some of the subject matter on the project may have been too private for the singer to share."I was telling someone on the way here how I was laughing," Williams said according to Us Weekly. Given Name: Tenitra Michelle Williams Age: 37 (7/23/1980)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: Destiny's Child, r&b group "Jim said a beautiful thing to me once: "You don't need a lot of glitter to put on a rose because it's always beautiful".

If you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow.She opened up about those feelings and her album making process in an informational video for her album called "'Self-Titled' Part 4 Liberation.""I was so embarrassed after I recorded the song because I'm just talking (expletive).And I'm like I can't play this for my husband," Beyonce said in her information video. I think almost every single one of us reads every day. Look, I love food, but you don’t see me running around with Guy Fieri, do you? I’m sure they’re dating for much more complex, human reasons, I just think this “insider” is maybe being a bit reductionist. Even with books, I don’t think you need, or deserve, the exclamation mark for “reads almost every day.”So that’s the first thing. That’s great that you love books, but does that mean you gotta date Jonathan Safran Foer? I’m only saying that loving books doesn’t necessarily translate into dating someone who makes books, you know?