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To fetch the gems and resolve dependencies we use bundler. Also we are uploading media and heroku doesn't store it on the server. Note that we have bundler already installed during setup. There is an addon called Cloudinary which we will use. I am not writing the usual post on “This will generate the app structure and the Gemfile which contains the default gemset that ships with rails. The first thing we need to do is modify the default gemset.Just use this Gemfile which contains the required gems.Date A Programmer: Post Mortem (Russian translation is here) Open sourced in January 2016 to help others save time building online dating services.The project uses Figaro gem that uses environment variables to store tokens and keys in As far as I remember it adds an "about x years", so it might be not useful in your particular situation unless you take a look at the source and adapt it.Otherwise you can calculate with years directly calling Date.(or dob.year). However, after @persons = Person.find(:all), my @persons variable is already at the view, and I did not want to include this code at my view, thinking it will break the MVC concept !

Because of its popularity, PHP has become one of the most popular “tools” for web developers and Ruby on Rails is often overlooked as a result.I am very new to Ruby on Rails, and I have just created a small program to store people, using their names, dates of birth (dob), genders, etc.However, when I query the people from the database using Rails has a couple of Date-Helpers, among them distance_of_time_in_words: View/Helpers/Date Helper.html#method-i-distance_of_time_in_words.Ruby on Rails became a popular web application framework because of how easy it promotes the rapid prototyping methodology used by web developers in rapid development.Of course, being an open source project also helped Ruby on Rails establish itself as one of the most popular web development tools as well.