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This is the reason why Patrick loves you, you just don't like, you freaking obsess to things that you grow to love and this month you've been obsessed with Twenty One Pilots. I just really like their band, you know how I obsess." You explained and he cutely smile at you. I guess I'm just scared to lose you." He said sweetly and you blushed in front of him. "Holy smokes, this is why I love you so much ." "I love you too, little guy." You said and kissed his forehead.You've been listening to their songs over and over again, you've been watching all of their interviews that is available online, and you can't stop yourself from talking about Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun . I want to meet you guys personally and my boyfriend, Patrick, gave me this chance. [{Kara Zor-El (Kent) (Supergirl), Zahara Kinney (X 23), Susan ' Sue' Storm Richards (The Invisible Woman)... (written by @Youngbloods5century) Frank: I watched over Anna while she slept, which kind of sounds creepy now that I think of it. The couple dated each other for several years before getting married.

"The band is in a crazy place right now because there's a lot of little kids running around." PHOTOS: Celeb dads bond with their kids Indeed, Stump's bandmate Pete Wentz welcomed his first child with girlfriend Meagan Camper on Aug. (Wentz is already dad to 5-year-old son Bronx with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson.

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