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It sounds kind of shitty, but it’s actually pretty liberating once you think about it. I own that mindset, I embrace it, and hopefully I can use it so help some of you out.When Bruna approached me about being a regular guest on PWD, I had no idea what the hell I would write about. There’s a quote that says, “The human brain is the most outstanding organ.Rajev Paul, a renowned name from the telly industry is creating buzz all around the city with his love by his side.

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Here at Venuescape, we make your venue sourcing experience exciting while providing you with a myriad of event spaces to choose from.We tried contacting Rajeev to get a confirmation on the news, but he chose not to respond.Thumbnail Image Source: in" data-reactid="11"After calling off his engagement with Kavita Sarin, a corporate employee, in 2014, Rajeev has found love yet again.Over a 5 year period, he has helped build up a few different startup companies – converting them into high-growth, sustainable businesses.He is currently the Managing Director of a technology based company that works on providing a cutting edge solution that he believes will eventually be able to end water poverty and is the co- founder and CEO of Face Factors Clinic - a premier aesthetic and wellness clinic located in Kuala Lumpur.