Dating historic houses

The original Byzantine icon of the XVI century is preserved in the Museo delle Icone (Icon Museum), in the beautiful monumental complex of the Greek School and Church, a short distance from Hotel Palazzo Priuli.One of Charleston's most exquisite antebellum structures, the Joseph Manigault House, built in 1803, reflects the urban lifestyle of a wealthy, rice-planting family and the enslaved African Americans who lived there.Long ago, merchants and Venetian nobles kept in their homes capitals with holy icons for the family’s devotion and protection of relatives and businesses.The Hotel Palazzo Priuli preserves a copy of an icon of the Virgin Mary Odighitria (She who points the way).

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As they were able to afford a larger house, a matching set of rooms was added on the opposite side of the fireplace and stairway.Amongst the 4 star hotels in Venice, the Hotel Palazzo Priuli is unique: outside, elegant quadri lancet and twin lancet windows (the corner one is absolutely beautiful) once framed by the frescos of Palma il Vecchio (one of the greatest masters of Sixteenth century Venetian art); inside, windows and doors with lead glass, original vaulted ceilings in common spaces and rooms, maps and nautical charts, bring to mind the activities and noble lineage of the Priuli family.Of Hungarian origins, the Priuli family’s founder was Silvestro Priolus, sent as ambassador to Venice around the year One Thousand.Following Henrietta’s death, he married Charlotte Drayton, with whom he had eight children.The Charleston Museum purchased the house in 1933, and has preserved and interpreted it ever since.