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You can probably find more freaky kinky nightlife going on here than anywhere else in the world.

When you are looking for BDSM and fetish sex in Tokyo look for the words ‘shibari’ which means ‘to tie’ or ‘kinbacku’ which is the more formal version.

The good news is that the fetish and kinky sex community is quite tolerant, and the fact that you are a gaijin may even help you.

Still, many clubs will want you to at least be able to speak a tiny bit of Japanese.

Marco in a group is funny; Marco on his own or with a partner is … Marco doesn’t think much of this attitude and serves to model a more inclusive and tolerant mode of behaviour (although he does use the term “differently abled”, which was in vogue back in the 1990s, I guess, but I’ve learned it’s generally better to say “disabled” unless the person in question specifically likes the former label).

Still, the use of Mertil as a pawn in the Visser’s latest Saturday morning cartoon villain scheme belies the disability education agenda here—there are a lot more interesting ways to introduce and use a disabled character in a children’s and young adult book; this approach is both heavy-handed and rather unimpressive. Like, it’s not at all subtle to my 27-year-old eyes in 2017, though I’m sure as a kid I didn’t pick up on anything at all.

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The local word for foreigner is ‘gaijin’ so you need to be looking for ‘gaijin friendly’ bars or clubs.Its main claim to fame is the excellent range of dim sum available at lunchtimes, and that is the chief area of competition, with Pearl Liang matching Royal China dumpling for dumpling.First things first, there are a few things you need to know about dim sum: It’s a lunch thang, in fact you can even have it for breakfast in China/Hong Kong where they start serving as early as 5am.Much of the story takes place with Marco on his own, or with a single Animorph as backup. This book also takes some time to look at attitudes towards disability.(I love the part where Rachel basically corners him and forces him to take her with him on an independently-devised reconnaissance mission.) These twosomes are a nice way to see how Marco interacts one-on-one rather than as part of the whole group, where he usually ends up functioning as Jake’s supporter or as the blackly comic relief to Rachel’s bloodlust and Cassie’s ambivalence. Ax displays a visceral aversion to interacting with the disabled Mertil, because that’s how Andalite society encourages people to act.