Dating democrats

The crazy 2016 election year is finally coming to a close, and Americans are now either celebrating or mourning the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Even though it’s really none of our business how other people cast their votes, we still can’t help but wonder who all of our favorite celebrities voted for.

See History of Detroit, Michigan, for more information about the history of the incorporation of the city.

The current mayor is Mike Duggan, who was officially sworn into office on January 1, 2014.

New Yorkers might remember a similar congressional race from a few years ago involving a Staten Island nutjob named Michael Grimm.

The aptly named Grimm won an election against a heavily funded Democrat despite being under a 20-count federal corruption indictment.

While we may never be 100 percent sure what went down in those voting booths, we can gain a little insight into who may have voted Trump and who supported Hillary Clinton based on those famously Democrat and those who have publicly declared themselves a Republican.

Amid the government shutdown, 60% of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed.

He's also been vocal about his support for the party.

Said Clooney on ABC News Now's in 2011: “I’m disillusioned by the people who are disillusioned by Obama …

This is the lowest government satisfaction rating in Gallup’s history of asking the question dating back to 1971.

Americans are finding little they like about President Barack Obama or either political party ….