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And while I’ve spent seasons of my life enjoying personal Bible studies, I’ve never thought to journal them.

I’ve decided to create a new habit of Bible study & journaling, so today I want to share with you some ideas for Journaling Your Faith.

ABS's headquarters relocated from New York City to Philadelphia in August 2015.

The government of the Society is entrusted to a board of managers, one-fourth of whom retire from office each year, but are eligible for reelection.

The Swedish and American scientists who published their results in had to explain why their new evolutionary age deserved to replace last year's evolutionary age for dog divergence.

Both creation and evolution scientists agree that dogs descended from wolves, but they disagree about the timing.

Dating can be fun, but going on endless dates wasting your time and money isn't fun....

So one must have a goal...what's your pursuit? I am sure most of you want to get married, so if you have no intentions of marrying your date then don’t waste his/her time, or yours. No one benefits from going on never ending dates with someone who really has zero interest in getting to know you better.

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Next punch a hole in your circle with a standard hole punch and press the circle into the metal rim.

The number of DNA differences they found across living members the dog kind required 15,000 years' worth of mutations at their assumed rate.

Even within the parameters of this single study, the authors had to navigate very different "age" results from complex algorithms used to analyze many dog DNA sequences.

First let me show you the tools that I have on hand for my own Bible journaling, and explain them just a bit: ESV Single Column Journaling Bible: I looked through several journaling Bibles both online & in stores before purchasing this one.

It’s a good size – small enough that it travels well but still leaves room for journaling.