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Line()Empty()) you are basically reading a line from the scanner, comparing it (*) with "", then forgetting it, because you read the next line again. java,android,android-fragments,spannablestring If Login Activity is a fragment class then it would be okay is you use set On Click Listener on textview.

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You can use set Target Fragment(...) and on Activity Result(...) to send the modified text from your second to your first fragment. ready = "yes"; And you're asking why ready = "yes"... That being said, it may cause some unexpected behavior when editing. However the C# compiler does provide Equals, Get Hash Code, and To String implementations. Equals, method which will do the appropriate null checks and then call... LPStr)] private string iu; Note that this code is good only to pass a string in the C#- java,mysql,hibernate,java-ee,struts2 You can simply create an Entity, that's mapping the database view: @Entity public class Cust Info Make sure you include an @Id in your view as well, if that's an updatable view. java,spring,hibernate I recommend you to use Deferred Result of Spring. This means that as a programmer, you have the power to supply the exact pattern for the input you desire in any text input field. Again, certain special characters are obviously not allowed. They make use of a pattern matching system to match the input with a certain pattern of data.Figure 1 - These objects will determine if all our data is valid or not. Clear() 'Clear Text Box Name Valid = False 'Boolean = False Else Name Valid = True 'Everything Fine End If End Sub Easy one to start with. Focus() 'Set Focus To Text Box End If End Sub Private Sub txt Email_Lost Focus(sender As Object, e As System. Lost Focus Validate Email() 'Check Email Validity End Sub The expression may look horrible to the layman's eye, but look closer. To check if the user has entered an email that actually exists, you will have to find a different way such as to send a of some sorts.Based on each of these variables' values, we will know if the data is correct or not. The Leave event fires when the control loses focus. As you can see, Regular Expressions are a vital tool to have at your disposal, so become good friends with them.