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If there is live newscast, you'll see a LIVE button in the top left corner.

If we're not currently live streaming, you'll see a REPLAY button instead and our most recent newscast segment will appear and repeat.

If you experience issues with closed captioning please ensure your browser is the most updated version.

Android devices require a Flash-enabled browser to display closed captioning, such as Photon browser.

Email subscriber dropout is reduced by 75% with the incorporation of video.

This video stream broadcasts live KOB 4 Eyewitness News newscasts and local programming as well as breaking news events.

on traditional television if it meant more behind-the-scenes content. 45% of live video audiences would pay for live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer. Video quality is the most important factor for 67% of viewers when watching a livestream broadcast. 78% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live. Search options on Netflix are fairly limited, which can make it hard to ferret out quality movies from the service's vast amount of content.Sites like Instant Watcher let you filter options by parameters such as year released as well as rating on Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes.A video of a 12-year-old girl's suicide which she recorded live on her mobile phone has been viewed by millions of people online, prompting calls for action to remove the footage.As viewers watched her live online, Katelyn Nicole Davis filmed herself as she claimed that she had been a victim of sexual abuse by a family member. The youngster used a livestreaming app which allowed her to broadcast herself using her mobile phone.

America live streaming sex mobile